Time MONEY Math

Brokerage Facts

Desk Duty
Only if you want to Succeed
Phone Duty
Only if you want to Succeed
Door Knocking
Only if you want to Succeed

The time you spend working in the business is money you will pull out of it at some point in time. Real Estate is not a 9-5 Job. You will be working at all hours prospecting, lead generating and building relationships with clients. At first it will seem like a lot of work but you will soon discover, real estate becomes your life and you wont even know it as being work.

Lets say over a given period of 12 months at Sutton Team Realty you sold 5 homes with a total commission of 50k, deal fees would be $2500.00, total.
At office B with a 30% split, you would pay $15000.00 on deal fees.

Imagine what you could do with an extra 12k to reinvest in your business or pay your taxes or bank it for rainy days. Commission sales is never consistent but bills are.